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Do you have thoughts/feelings about any of the artists discussed on this website? Have you seen them live? Did this music help you to navigate a difficult time? Please share your story!

I’m particularly interested in understanding what it is that draws you to certain artists, and hearing about why this music resonates with you. You can share as much or as little as you like—every little bit helps! And Thank you so much 🙂

A few notes:

-You can remain anonymous or use a pseudonym. The reason I ask for a name of some kind is so that I can follow up with you (if you don’t mind chatting further) and so that I can credit everyone who helps me with this research.

-It is always helpful to know how you identify, so that I can get a sense of who is listening to this music. Pronouns, demographic info, and any other details about yourself are not required, but most welcome.